The Colts are not giving Michael Pentman Carson Wentz the number 11 jersey

Number 11 with a side of beef? not enough.

Carson Wentz is going to Indianapolis, but could leave his No. 11 uniform number in Philadelphia – that is, if Colts wide receiver Michael Pittman has anything to say about it.

Petman currently performs 11 dons for the Colts, but is not interested in giving him his jersey number, saying that he is “locked in”.

“Actually she texted me two hours after the news broke, and she just asked me how I felt about it, and I told her I was going to stop, and she said she was calm and she changed the numbers. Degi, and it was that easy, “Pittman called” Good Morning Football “on Monday.” “I mean, he was a chill guy about it, so he was terrible.”

“I’m number 11. I don’t think there’s going to be any deal,” Pitman said. To TMZ.

Pittman said that Wentz would respectfully go about the situation, not asking for the number or pressing the issue, and that he would feel uncomfortable taking money in exchange for the number.

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The Colts’ trade for Wentz reunites the running back with former Phillie OC and current Colts HC Frank Reich, with whom Wentz had great success before a knee injury sidelined the rest of the year in 2017.

Wentz had an MVP-caliber season with the Eagles in 2017: 33 touchdowns for just seven interceptions in 13 games. The Eagles will win Super Bowl 52 with Nick Foles under center and serve the Colts after the Reich season.

The Colts traded the first 2021 third round pick in February and a 2022 conditional second round pick for Wentz to fill the hole left by retiring Phillip River. Pittman gave himself a solid rookie season with River, catching 40 passes for 503 yards and a touchdown in 13 games.

All Wales that ends well, and of course both parties know that only those numbers matter which they put on Sunday next season.

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