The video shows Lady Gaga’s dog Walker Ryan Fisher shooting

Panic home monitoring video captured the moment Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker was shot by miscreants who stole two of the singer’s beloved French bulldogs – and on the street in Los Angeles Due to the bleeding, the victim screamed for help.

Footage, Received by TMZ, On Wednesday night around 9:40 a.m. caught a dog walker walking with poodles when a white, four-door sedan was found with him.

“to accept defeat!” Shouted one of the two men, who walked out of the car and jumped from the dog walker, identified by TMZ Ryan fisher.

“No no! Help me!” Fisher shouted while wrestling with the dogs for control of the dogs.

When Fisher refused to let the dogs go, one of his assailants picked up a semiconductor grenade and fired a shot, causing Fisher to run out onto the sidewalk, as the two grabbed two of Gaga’s three dogs, Gustav and Koji. Took and ran into the car. .

Fisher climbed in for the third dog, Miss Asia, fighting in agony as she wrote on the crowd.

“Oh God, help me!” He shouted. “Help me, I’ve been shot! … my chest is bleeding! “

Shot and robbed Lady Gaga's Dog Walker.
In panic, home surveillance video captured the moment Lady Gaga’s dog walker was shot by miscreants.

A local man can be heard saying that he was calling 911, and good Samaritans arrived to assist Fisher.

“They stole two dogs,” he told a person who had come to his aid. “They are French. … they are Lady Gaga’s dogs. “

First responders rushed Fisher to a local hospital, where he is expected to recover.

There have been no arrests in the robbery, which prompted Guga to reward $ 500,000 for the return of Gustav and Koji, no questions asked.

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