Upcoming Harry Potter Game Hogwarts Legacy Pisa Troubles

Hogwarts legacyThe open-open Harry Potter video game set in the upcoming 19th-century wizarding world will not be released until 2022 – but the game remains mired in controversy. Last year, publisher Warner Bros. had to clarify that Harry Potter creator JK was not directly involved in making the game after a string of transphobic comments from the author. And now, the political views of one of the game’s developers have caught the public eye, leaving a major community with the title’s promotional coverage.

When did the latest controversy of the game begin Journalist liam robertson Posted a Twitter thread highlighting that Hogwarts legacy Leading designer Troy Levitt once had a YouTube channel filled with far-right content. Leavitt’s video included defending men who were accused of sexual harassment, defending cultural appropriation, and discussing the “idea crime” is a real thing. Some were also sympathetic to the video gamergate movement, which harasses women and marginalized groups in the video game industry under the guise of journalistic ethics.

The videos are several years old by this point. But they were enough to make headlines, especially since a video claims that publisher Warner Bros. is clearly aware of Levitt’s channel and political views. WB did not immediately respond to a request for comment. In 2018, Leavitt stated that, while Warner Bros. has not endorsed what was said on its channel, “at least they are more concerned with making good games than pursuing some kind of social justice agenda, so hopefully is.”

Before any one came to the fore, some gaming community already reflected itself as to whether or not someone could ethically endorse a game that could possibly put money in the pocket of someone who would constantly be on their platform. Using and making fun of people. Many Harry Potter fans are trying to determine whether it is possible to continue enjoying the media set in the wizarding world without endorsing Rowling’s ideas. Rowling, who has been called TERF by some critics – such as, a trans-exclusive radical feminist – is controversial in itself that some have decided not to buy the game. But Levitt’s involvement has pushed the scales even further for some.

Image: Avalanche Software / Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Receptra, a popular video game forum known for frequent leaks and industry news, is now gaining attention following a moderation decision taken by the site’s moderation staff. After discussions on Rawlings’ transphobic comments and the history of Leavitt’s YouTube channel, ResetEra decided to ban all of the game’s publicity discussions.

“So this is a very terrible situation, where the creator of IP and a senior producer on the game have unilaterally big ideas,” wrote a statement by a Resera administrator speaking for employees.

The statement said, “This means there will be no threads, no hyper threads for trailers or official announcements.” This functionally prohibits the release of almost all threads, unless there are conflicts or those Major new developments don’t happen about anything along the lines. “

According to the staff, ResetEra has never done anything like this before – but in light of Rowling’s reach, influence, and power, community stewers felt they could not sit idle on the subject. At the close of the game’s release, staff can again discuss whether or not to allow a larger discussion thread, but should it transpire, it will only be text – the forum’s typically strong, media-rich official thread or A contrast from the OTD. Forum administrators said the thread would also ensure wider issues surrounding the game.

“Some minority members want a place to discuss the content of the game, where they will not be shouted at by the bigots,” the statement said. “For now though we are definitely not going to the marketing platform. If you see any threads for that item, please report them. “

In 2020, following a series of transphobic comments by JK Rowling, publisher WB released a vague statement stating that “inclusive culture has never been important to our company and to audiences around the world. We are our storytellers.” We deeply value the work that gives us so much in sharing our creations with all of us. We understand our responsibility to foster empathy and promote understanding of all communities and all people, especially From the people we work with through this material.

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