LeBron James Slams NBA Over Devin Booker All-Star Snub

It comes that time of year again, when the NBA All-Star selection is announced and the annual debate over options – and notable snubs – can ensure that.

And with Anthony Davis, who earned his eighth All-Star Game nod, dealing with a calf strain and Akilis injury that would likely prevent him from participating, LeBron James made it clear who his next choice was. Will happen.

Four-time NBA champion, “Devin Booker is the most maligned player in our league.” Wrote on twitter. “simple as that.”

James had already expressed his displeasure that the game – happening in Atlanta on March 7 – was happening all over the COVID-19 epidemic.

James said of zero energy and zero enthusiasm later this month, “at the beginning of this month, after the NBA went ahead with the festivities.” I don’t even understand why we made an All-Star Game Are. “

Even though NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has reserved the right to replace Davis, receiving an endorsement from James is the next best thing for Booker, who, to many a surprise, was not part of the reserves. Despite an average of 24.7 points – which is 16Th In the league – a 20–10 Sens team on 60.7 percent rising shooting, Booker was left out.

LeBron James and Devin Booker on November 12, 2019
LeBron James and Devin Booker on November 12, 2019
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Instead, his backcourt teammate Chris Paul received his eleventh All-Star nod. All three teams — the Jazz, Clippers and Lakers — won the All-Star selection in the Western Conference standings.

James also showed his support for Damien Lillard of the Trail Blazers, who many thought, by writing, “Followed by Dame Doll after a tweet insulting his initial booker”.

Lillard’s Portland teammates, Jusuf Nurkic and CJ McCollum echoed James for making public his belief that Booker deserved an All-Star selection.

“Oh no @Dabinbook Not really make it? He is a freak. The brew is very cold indeed. Sick world, ” McCallum wrote.

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