Minimum wage hike cannot be in COVID relief bill: Senate officer

Democrats may not include the $ 15 minimum wage increase as part of a $ 1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package, a prominent Senate official ruled on Thursday.

The decision by Senate MP Elizabeth McDonough shocked the progressivists, who insisted on including such a provision in the bill.

McDonough, a non-partisan arbitrator of Senate rules, issued a guidance saying he did not believe the changes in compliance with the reconciliation guidelines, the fast-track process that deems are using to pass the bill.

Bernie Sanders, chairman of the Senate budget committee, who previously said he was optimistic that McDonough would withdraw the provision, removed the search on Thursday night.

“I strongly disagree with tonight’s decision by Senate lawmaker,” Vermont lawmaker Said in a statement


“The fight to raise the minimum wage to $ 15 an hour continues,” he said.

Meanwhile, Republicans welcomed the decision.

“A very happy Senate MP has ruled that the increase in the minimum wage is an unfair policy change in unison,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, the top Republican on the Senate Budget Committee.

“This decision will, over time, reinforce the traditions of the Senate.”

Some liberal democrats, including censors. Jochin of West Virginia and Kirsten Sinima of Arizona have opposed the inclusion of minimum wage increases in the relief bill.

It suggests that the Dems will lack the votes to push through the provision, should they opt to break decades of Senate precedent, ignore the MP’s point of view, and put it in the bill.

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