Tiger Woods’ car accident coverage ignores reality

When too much is still not enough?

In the continuing case of Media vs. Common Sense, according to the latest Tiger Woods episode, the media has created a wide-ranging system that the public cannot bridge. The long-deprived honesty in addressing Woods has only confirmed that the media’s disregard for specific truths is to continue the rotten faith of the public.

If we read or once heard that Woods, at least after his third rotten-throat driving, “is lucky to be alive,” I’m going to retreat. Woods’ good luck lies again in the fact that he is not Killed Anyone, including myself.

lucky? At least twice while driving after consuming drugs, he was fortunate that he did not commit vehicular homicide in 2009 and 2017.

His 2009 physical troubles with his ex-wife ended with a car “accident” after he discovered his infidelity when he stabbed Ambien, a strong prescription sedative. He nonetheless survived a DUI charge.

This time, despite official reports that he was walking at a brisk pace as he crossed the middle of the center, leaving no skid mark to tell whether he applied his brakes, then rolled up an embankment, first. Since “an accident” had been determined, the media again portrayed Woods as an innocent victim of fate for whom he claimed without recollection.

Thus, the truth is that Accident His vehicle. A civil court judge once explained to me the difference between an accident and an accident. Big difference. Preliminary evidence suggests that it was not an accident, as reported by the New York Times, but it was the result of unfortunate careless driving – even though no drugs were involved at this time.

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods
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Facts are rarely applied to Woods. As the media has anointed the world’s greatest human – it was never enough that he was the world’s greatest golfer – he deserves a bath in unconditional glory, heroism and empathy.

Has anyone been involved in serious crimes or been ignored? In 2017, when painkillers were found on prescription and found by police in their car, a semi-unconscious man on the wrong side of the road, despite being convicted for careless driving, was a sympathetic figure. His bad back forgives him.

And so, after removing the label of her best husband, she returned to being the leaderboard of the life of the finest son, father, and human, a fantasy known to audiences and readers as it was largely pandering, gushing and The intention was produced by blind media.

His far-flung, expensive amateur career – no agent permitted by the rules – was a clear loop-holled, tasteless business deal, as his father was paid as an IMG “talent scout”, only to scout his son, IMG delivered immediately until it turned pro. Two days later he was in commercials for Naik. Apparently, the contract was already done.

Although he has previously insisted that he should not be considered “a black golfer”, in his first Nike ad he portrayed himself as a victim of racism, claiming that there are courses he is not allowed to play is. which one? He did not name anyone. He was the most privileged amateur in golf history.

In 1997 Woods set out to play a small tournament in Thailand, a media celebrated as paying tribute to his Thai mother. $ 480,000 attendance fee he commanded? Why ruin a sweet story with important facts?

TV commentators shrugged when other professionals dishonestly fit the course. When Woods did what he often did, it was either ignored or his devotion to perfection was cited as an excuse, something to praise.

Tiger Woods' car has been spotted after a vehicle wreck in Los Angeles.
Tiger Woods’ car has been spotted after a vehicle wreck in Los Angeles.
Mackay / Backgrid

His often dr. He was treated by Anthony Galia, moving from Canada to Woods’ Florida home, until Drs. Galia was busted for importing misleading drugs, despite having no license to practice in the vast US story, no? No, that too, the media was given a silent treatment. TV dropped coverage of big companies to leave Tiger off the parking lot.

TV’s golf hosts – CBS’s Jim Nantz and Nick Faldo, and NBC’s Dan Hicks – also did not hint at their self-destructive excessive entitlement. They cling to the lie that he is a superior soul, only that his Bad winds were suddenly changed to wind. And a few years ago he “matured” to become a better person!

Appearing in a farce with Nantz on CBS on Sunday, Woods was charmed, his eyes baggy. A clue? I do not know.

But this time, when he was found in a drug stupa on the wrong side of a highway, there is no Team Tiger to blame Charles Barclay and other stars as enablers for his 2009 misleading abuses in Vegas.

Still, already unscrupulous cover stories have replaced logical honesty, as if anyone is doing Tiger Woods a favor to fuck us off, like we already know better and not for years.

Yes, a “driving accident.” He had nothing to do with it.

And why is his media-declared withdrawal from self-destruction considered heroic? Unlike those on a fast-paced road for no good reason, they have been given three assaults while others have been released and are driving out – and / or their victims.

I hope he gets better results, especially as a strong, result of the idea. But the notion that he could never play competitive golf was due to cruel fate, an “accident”, both predictable and pre-requisite.

Rare scenes of good basketball on the court

Hoops: Patient fans of actual basketball were treated to two throws, Sunday.

1) As seen at MSG, Mix defeated the Timberwells 103–99, despite Minnesota taking only 18 3-pointers in 35 – NBA teams can win good, few-game basketball.

2) On CBS, a kid hit a jumper from about 12 feet in front of the foul line, in the Michigan State-Ohio State game. In the NBA, such a radically successful shot has become rare. The child needs to go back approximately 12 feet to reach the “next level”.

Diagnosis: Doctor tribute tribute spot

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Mike “Doctor” Emerick

The Rangers MSG team of Sam Rosen and Joe Mitchell may be left to explain how the team leading the NHL in “good work”, “good effort” and “good save” failed to make the playoffs.

In Las Vegas, where sportsbooks are a broadly comical opposition aimed at the most vulnerable people know about professional sports – if a winner can choose, they won’t tell you for any amount – the NHL’s Vegas team has Has announced a partnership with Mexico – Bed Tout Service, seriously, apparently with the approval of Gary Bateman.

By the way, this week WFAN sandwiched sports gambling sucker-betting advertisements with one to improve your credit rating.

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