Overhaul overhaul your Apple Watch app

A new update for the popular podcast player Overcast This includes a major overhaul of the Apple Watch app. Apple Watch support is notable at a time when third-party app development is not necessary for the platform, although Watch’s popularity continues to grow.

Updates to Overcast have reorganized the UI from top to bottom, with some features that are otherwise only able to be accessed via the phone version. The main screen has large buttons for settings and syncing above your show’s scroll list and access to the “Now Playing” screen.

That screen now includes a button at the bottom right that takes you to more detailed information about the podcast and lets you adjust its playback speed, as well as the ability to skip straight through chapters on the podcast That they have.

Release notes for the new iOS version of Overcast, dubbed 2021.1, notice some additional changes without going into details. In addition to the new Watch app, Overcast now has “improvements to Siri support” and “tons of the hood improvements and bug fixes”.

Is overcast Available for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, And now M1-powered Macs due to their support for running iOS apps. The ad is free, but ad-supported, with an optional $ 9.99 subscription that can remove ads.

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