Teacher’s union chief praises NYC’s troubled reopening of schools

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The former head of the New York Teachers Association gave a passing grade on Sunday amid efforts to bring back the city’s people amid the coronovirus epidemic – despite the shutdown, the reopening and the shutdown of more closures.

“Not a perfect solution, but frankly I think New York City has done a great job in showing the way,” said Randy Weingarten, who heads the National American Federation of Teachers Union during an appearance. On NBC’s “Meet the Press” Asked if there was a “model” district to reopen.

We have learned a lot from “what Weingarten did in New York City in September and October”, serving as president of the United Federation of Teachers of New York from 1998 to 2009.

After more than six months of coronavirus-induced closure and many false starts – public schools partially reopened at the end of September in the Five Boroughs.

But most of the classes continued to be conducted online, and the reopening was short-lived, with in-person learning soon closing again.

In October Andrew Cuomo ordered the suspension of the learner at some COVID-19 hotspots in Brooklyn and Queens, and by November the entire system was shut down amid a resurgence of the deadly virus.

Only in this week are public middle schools set to resume in-class classes once again.

Weington said a recent poll of his AFT membership indicated that 85 percent would be “comfortable being in school if they have testing, layered mitigation and vaccine priority – and that’s what New York City is doing.”

School employees are among the priority groups for vaccinations under New York State guidelines, though it is not always easy to spot supply chain issues and the priceless shots between fit and starting rollouts.

Weythington also made efforts to prioritize schools in Ohio, Oregon, West Virginia and Washington, DC – and said there was a nationwide focus on reopening.

“If the NFL can figure out how to do it – in terms of testing and protocol – if schools are important, then do it,” she said. “My members want this. They just want to be safe. “

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